I’m a Milwaukee SEO that makes websites go fast, grows search traffic and delivers ROI.

I'm a Milwaukee SEO that makes websites go fast, grows search traffic and delivers ROI. 3

Husband. Father. SEO…in that order.

During the day, I work as the Director of SEO at a large publishing company, building the SEO program and leading a team of awesome SEO’s for Taste of Home, Reader’s Digest, Family Handyman and other digital publications.

Previously, I worked at a commercial distributor where I used SEO to increase traffic by over 400% and revenue by over 600% in less than 12 months, and prior to that I was co-founder of a digital agency that focused on WordPress web development and SEO.

In my free time, I work on sites to improve their performance, and increase organic traffic via technical SEO audits, content audits & strategy, and on-page optimization.

Personally, I’m married to an incredible person, am the father of two amazing little girls, love scotch and shooting pool.


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$ 2,500
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  • crawling, indexing and rendering
  • duplicate content & canonicalization
  • rankings and link evaluation
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$ 750
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  • inventory of current content & rankings
  • competitive gap & market assessment
  • prioritized quick win briefs
  • avg. 3 day turn around

Site Speed

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$ 750
as a one-time fee
  • wordpress performance optimization
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