My SEO Journey

Hey there, I’m Kyle (Faber), an SEO consultant working in the digital and SEO industry for 10+ years.

I started in SEO back in 2008, soon after co-founding a digital web agency one year prior.

The primary service offering was web design & development, often using the WordPress platform. SEO was just emerging as a channel of interest for our clients. Fast forward 11 years, we shuttered the agency in 2018.

Upon shutting down Regal, I went in-house with Reinders—a 100 year old, family-owned distribution company local to the Milwaukee area. I worked with the Reinders team for five months where, in that five months time, the work I did led to an increase in over 300% increase in organic traffic and over 600% increase in organic revenue from Google organic search (e.g. SEO revenue).

Upon leaving Reinders, I moved over to Trusted Media Brands, where I was the second SEO hire for multiple well-known and high organic traffic websites, including Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home, Family Handyman, and more. Over the course of almost three years, I worked to build out the SEO program—establishing processes, recruiting amazingly talented team members, and growing the organic footprint of their brands.

In my final in-house tenure, I worked at Saatva, a DTC mattress company. There, I began to establish their first SEO program, working to optimize for driving greater revenue from organic search, consolidating multiple brand properties into their flagship brand, and helping train and guide the overall content strategy along side a very talented Senior Content Manager.

Pivoting back to Entrepreneurship

Fortunately (or not), my family and I also sold our house and hit the road full time in 2021, traveling the US in an RV.

In August 2021, I exited Saatva and officially started Snark Digital LLC, which is the legal entity representing my digital endeavors, including my consultancy practice.

Say “hello” to Snark [digital]

At Snark, I seek to work with organizations interested in proactively and openly improving their visibility, traffic and revenue from organic search.

I do this by partnering with these organizations to realize opportunities and work to incrementally improve their organic search performance. Often, this includes working on technical and contextual audits of their web properties (e.g. SEO audits), identifying optimization and market gap opportunities, building content strategies, and providing general consult and guidance.