Technical seo, content strategy & Seo consulting

I can help you create and execute on your SEO growth strategies

Is snark the right fit for me?

I work with businesses who are ready to get to work on their SEO. I work great with SEO teams (individuals and departments), product and engineering teams, C-Suite and [co-]Founders. Regardless of your role, if you’re serious about growing organic traffic, I can most likely help.

The types of businesses I often work with are those who have 20k+ URLs. Generally, these businesses are in the media / publishing space, data-based websites such as recipes, apps and booking / marketplaces, and SaaS companies.

I don’t restrict who I work with, however. If you are having issues with crawling, indexing, rendering and ranking your site—reach out and I’ll let you know if I can help.

What can snark do for me?

I work in a few different capacities, providing focused yet impactful SEO services based on the needs of your business.

My areas of expertise fall under technical & contextual SEO, where I often am partnering with brands to deliver technical SEO audits, content strategy, and general SEO consulting / counsel.

How do you work, or what types of engagements does Snark offer?

I engage with my clients in two primary ways: project and retainer-based initiatives.

Projects are often fixed-cost and delivered within an estimated time frame. Some good examples of a project include technical SEO audits, keyword research and SEO template / process document creation. For many of my clients, projects convert into retainer-based initiatives, once delivered.

Retainers are a block of time each month, invoiced and due at the start of the month, where I work with you to tackle the SEO needs of your business. Often, this will include technical strategy, tech SEO auditing, and working with your product, dev or engineering teams on implementation and QA.

What do you charge?

It truly depends on the engagement; however, technical SEO audits start at $5,000 and ongoing consulting ranges from $1,000 – $15,000 per month, depending on the scope of our engagement.