Leaving the Agency Life & Becoming an In-House SEO

The title really says it all. After almost 11 years at Regal (small digital agency we started back in 2007), my business partner and I decided it was time to hang things up and shut things down. To be honest, I’ve learned a lot over the years. We started that business with absolutely no knowledge or experience in running something that would become a primary source of income for both ourselves and our team. We also had very entry-level experience with doing the work we were pitching to our prospective clients. At the time, our business model was “cheap and fast, we’ll get ’em with quantity”. Literally, we sold 5 page websites for $250 thinking that it would take an hour to comp and code a page…so it was easy math. Or so we thought. Little did we know, so much more goes into planning, creating, launching and supporting the

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