Slow Website?
I can help you speed it up

Slow websites are the bane of the internets existence…

Users hate them. I hate them. You should hate them, too.

Why should you hate them? Each second wasted on waiting for a page to load is a potential bounce, lost sale, or unhappy customer—that should be reason enough.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can speed up WordPress, without spending a massive amount of time and resources (aka money.)

On the short end, if you are on a platform (e.g. WordPress) which has performance plugins available, with the right settings and some good luck, you can have a much more performant website in a matter of an hour or two.

For others (even if on WordPress), it may take a complete rebuild to fix what your site speed woes.

In either case, that’s where I can help.

If your website is built on WordPress and is running slower than you would like (or think it should), I can help you get it up to speed—both literally and figuratively—in a relatively short amount of time and effort.

Site Speed Optimization Package

There are a number of reasons why your website is running slowly; some of the biggest culprits generally are: crappy web hosting, bloated theme, poorly developed or unused plugins, lack of caching and / or CDN, unoptimized images, and more.

What I do for site speed optimization

  1. audit the types of pages (e.g content types and page templates) on your site
  2. set benchmarks for current speed, documenting issues found
  3. optimize as many “quick wins” as possible; these may include *:
    • image optimization (often, saving up to 80% file size)
    • implementing lazyload for images
    • resource optimization (minify and compress JS and CSS files, optimizing where / when they load, etc.)
    • font optimization
    • database optimization
    • setup & configure caching
    • recommend plugin removal / replacement
    • and much, much more
  4. deliver a post-optimization report outlining what was found, what was done to fix it, and any other recommendations that may not be able to be completed as part of this service

Included in the cost of this service:

  • optimization plugin to help manage minification, compression, contantenation, etc of resource files
  • my time and experience to know how to speed up your WordPress website

Additional notes about this service:

  • COST: the basic cost of this service is $1000 and includes the items noted above; if additional work needs to be done to accomplish your goals (e.g. migrating to a new web host, setting up CDN, rebuilding your website, etc) additional costs may apply
  • I will need full admin access to your WordPress website
  • I will need [s]FTP read/write access to the folder and subfolders where your WordPress installation is installed
  • typically, this project will take up to a day to complete; however, it can take up to 5 days once started

Get a Faster Website

* Depending on your site—theme, plugins, hosting, etc—some of what I try to address may not be possible. These restrictions will be noted in my final optimization report. In certain cases, things can be so bad that you really need to just rebuild/start from scratch; if this is the case, I will let you know so we can discuss best options.