Hire Me: Keyword Research, Tech SEO, Site Speed and More

There are three distinct areas that I can knowingly make a direct impact on your business, these areas are: topic/keyword research, technical SEO audits, and site speed optimization.

With any of these items, I can help you build a strategic plan to grow your organic visibility footprint, fix the issues which may impede you from being crawled, rendered and indexed, and speed up your site so that you can rank better and gain more N (n = customers, leads, sales, etc.)


Gain or improve rankings, grow your organic visibility and extend your footprint to find new customers.

Site Speed

I will audit your site and show you exactly what's slowing you down, then help you speed it all up.

SEO Audit

Soup-to-nuts, I help you find out what's holding you back from better crawling, indexing and rankings.

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I'm interested in:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core part of being able to grow organic traffic. 

The goal isn’t to “rank for X”; instead it is to better optimize your content to attract and meet the intent of the searcher – ideally, that searcher is your customer.

The basic keyword research package starts at $500 and is delivered within 5 days*. The process and deliverables include:

  1. you submit your request for keyword research (above!)
  2. you’ll receive an invoice and SOW for the project (full payment is due to start the project)
  3. you will receive a questionnaire to fill out, which allows you to give me as much information as you can that will help me find as many opportunities for you to grow, as quickly as possible
  4. once the research is complete, you will receive the following deliverables:
    • top 100 [new] queries related to your site, topically grouped, classified by search intent and mapped to existing or newly suggested pages
    • full list of all queries each page on your site currently ranks for
    • list of queries that are in “striking distance” of page 1
    • quick start guide for how to use the research
* typical turn around time is within 5 days; if you need it sooner, it’s +$750 for a 3-day turn around, and $1,000 for a same day turn around


WordPress Speed Optimization

For every additional second your website takes to load you’re setting yourself up to lose customers, leads and organic traffic. 

If your site is built on the WordPress CMS and is seemingly slow, I can help you speed it up. 

The goal of this is to show you how you got where you are (e.g. show you what’s slowing your site down), take care of the things I can, and outline steps to remedy the issues which may require more time and effort beyond this service*

A basic site speed optimization package starts at $1,000 and is delivered within two weeks. The process and deliverables include:

  1. you submit your request for site speed optimization (above!)
  2. you’ll receive an invoice and SOW for the project (full payment is due to start the project)
  3. you will receive a questionnaire to fill out; access to your web hosting account, [s]FTP, and full admin access to your WordPress site are required and provided in this document
  4. access provided, I will create a staging site on your web host for the purposes of implementing the work*
  5. I will audit your theme, plugins and general functionality across various pages/templates on your site, and outline what i think needs to be done to speed things up
  6. after measures are taken to speed up your site, we will discuss the changes made and state of improvement – all approved, the changes will be pushed back to your production site
  7. you will be provided with a report of work done, before/after snapshots for speed scores (taken from webpagetest.org)

* alternative solutions may be needed if your web host does not offer a staging environment, which may add unforeseen time an costs; any additional costs will be disclosed at the time they are found and will be invoiced after the work is complete

[Tech] SEO Audit

If you’re not growing your organic traffic like you were expecting, or if you’ve taken a hit from Google algorithm updates over time, it’s very possible that you’ve got underlying issues that are either holding you back, or taking you down.

An SEO audit is exactly what it sounds like – it’s the process of auditing your website, end-to-end, to make sure you’re setup and doing everything the way you should, so that you have an optimal foundation from which to grow your organic traffic.

Audits start at $3,750 and generally take 2-4 weeks to complete. They also require full access to your Google Search Console profiles, analytics (Google, Adobe, etc.) Each audit is unique based on the site, and we may uncover a lot, a little, or nothing at all (quite unlikely.) 

The audit process is extensive, and digs in on a plethora of areas relating to:

  • your tech stack (server, CDN, CMS/eCommerce platform, etc.)
  • your configuration (information architecture, internal linking, rendering state, etc.)
  • your on-page optimization and content performance (is each page targeting the right thing in the right way, do you have issues where you have a lot of URLs that are under performing, etc.)
  • your link profile (how many linking domains/links do you have, where are they from, where are they pointing to, etc.)

When all is said and done, you will have a report that gives you a detailed view into the health of your website, what’s going well, and what’s holding you back.

As a BONUS*, this audit also includes an outlined set of tasks—in order prioritized by TIE (time, impact and effort)—that you should be working on to improve your visibility in search.

*spoiler: this is not a bonus – all audits should include a clear, concise outline for steps to take towards improvement; ideally, this outline is delivered in chunks based on priority (e.g. top 3 priority items to focus on)